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Floodlighting and Electrical: Tennis Case Study

Floodlighting and Electrical: Tennis Case Study

Floodlighting and Electrical: Tennis Case Study

Tennis, “Power of Illumination”  

In 2020, tennis clubs in Wales saw a surge in their membership, as well as a large increase in court bookings by non-members looking for somewhere to play. With a huge rush of demand, it was the ideal time for Floodlighting & Electrical to become the official floodlighting partner for Tennis Wales; opening opportunities for us to collaborate with local clubs to enhance the tennis experience. This collaboration meant that members and non-members alike can benefit from safer, improved tennis, all year round.  

 As well as providing floodlighting support and maintenance to clubs in South Wales, the partnership has allowed us to build new relationships within the tennis sector and nurture existing ones.  Since becoming Tennis Wales’ official floodlighting partner, we have worked with Usk Tennis, Caerphilly Tennis, and the Wales National Velodrome, suppling the lighting resources for their facilities. Let’s update you further: .  

Usk Tennis  

As Usk Tennis’ official floodlighting partner, in 2021, we completed a large project with the club whereby we installed new LED lighting systems on 5 of their courts.  

 Caerphilly Tennis  

We worked with Caerphilly Tennis to install 8 brand new LED floodlights across their courts. With the support of two club volunteers, we removed the old lighting systems and replaced them with floodlights that would equate in better play for all court users. The process took 4 days from start to finish and resulted in Caerphilly Tennis looking forward to working with us on potential future projects.  

Wales National Velodrome 

In March 2021, the Floodlighting team lead a lighting upgrade project for the Wales National Velodrome, based in Newport. Now all lighting is LED with multiple levels to provide improved light quality and to ensure the stadium is energy efficient.  

The 2022 focus  

With the demand for tennis growing across Wales, we can expect that players and clubs’ expectations for play will also grow. Research has shown that the demand for sustainability within tennis is expected to rise in 20221; with clubs seeking play that is good for their members and good for the planet. As part of our long-term mission to reduce energy emissions, we use LED lighting solutions that have a longer lifespan, are energy efficient and are extremely durable.  

 Although our reputation for supporting and enhancing Tennis Clubs across Wales is growing, we’re not finished. Our focus for 2022 is very much on continuing to develop our relationships within the tennis sector – both with clubs and members – through optimising and enhancing lighting solutions that can result in prolonged play.  

 For more information, or to discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact the team on: 

Tel: 01443 226009